Jul 12, 2007

From the depths of hell...aka: TFA institute

So if this makes sense, it'll be a miracle, as I've gotten about 6 hours of sleep all week (not 6 each night). This shit is crazy...I've made it to the half way point, though (thank god), so I just gotta grin that cult-ish grin and bare it for 3 more weeks. I am learning a lot of great things...hopefully i'll have the time to go back and re-learn this stuff later, as we're all so tired right now that it's hard to internalize anything. The actual teaching is the best part, even on the bad days, b/c it's what I joined for...but MAN are the hours crazy. Ugh. Ok. Sorry not very detailed or in depth, but i'm too tired and am gonna try to hit they hay before midnight for the first time in forever.



Nancy said...

I promise... real teaching is not like that! Mmh... wish you could write more about exactly what it is that is keeping you awake!
By the way, if you have the energy tomorrow, a bunch of teacher-bloggers are getting together tomorrow evening. Check my blog for details! http://upthedownstaircase.typepad.com

Miss A said...

Nancy is right. I wish you well as you enter this great adventure. I know they have so much to teach and tell you guys, but i worry about burn out before you even start teaching.

X said...

Yay! Glad to see that you're returning to blogging! Can't wait until you have more time to share your experiences.